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last updated January, 2014 © Kharma-Del-Sutra, 2014 THE SATELLITERS are back with a new mind-bending take on 60s garage-punk called More Of The Satelliters. Like a MUSIC MACHINE entering the 13th FLOOR ELEVATOR, they paired nine original tunes with three classic garage-monsters in an all analogue-recording to create this new highly-recommended longplayer. You can't COUNT V and it will have hit your nerves and mind, make you shake & shout & scream for more, more, more!! Unless you travel into the EXOTICS where 'I Was Alone' and your record-player has a MUSIC EXPLOSION! Since 20 years THE SATELLITERS appear through THE SHADOWS OF KNIGHT to turn you on with their versions of beloved more or less known 60s-garage-punk-tunes like TY WAGNER's 'I'm a No-Count' and serve you with their remarkable and always impressing original songs 'Don't Take No Maybe', 'Come & See' or 'It's Gotta Be You'. THE SATELLITERS take no PRISONERS, but also are no MIRACLE WORKERS. They don't need to be anyone else or KINKS, that's what you know best! So, as the records come this time in an old-style tip-on-cover (yes, with the glued back-print), there is no time to wait - get your copy NOW!!!